Removing Specular Highlights

Isolating the Highlights using Select By Color

Using a select by color, choose the hottest white with your eyedropper. In this case, fuzziness of 60 selects a good portion of the brightest.

Create an Action

After the selection is made, create a new layer and the create an action set with the following:
    • -Expand selection by 1 px
    • -Copy Merged (CTRL-SHIFT COPY)
    • -Paste
    • -Run a Hue/Saturation operation, using lightness of -44
    • -Run a Blur filter operation
    • -Run a second Blur filter operation
    • -CTRL-SHIFT layer icon (selects transparency channel)
    • -Contract selection by 1 pixel
    • -Inverse Selection
    • -Delete (deletes negative space, sharpening edges at selection edges)

Results of Action

After running the action there should be a soft filling with a grey color. Now clone this layer, then run color balance filter to blend with the color of the surrounding material. If there is a light halo around your results, you may wish lower the opacity of this layer and then go through this process a second time and use a higher fuzzinesss on the color selection process.


February 2, 2022
Eric Smith