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XR, VR, AR, Real-time ready.

Bandwidth and GPU friendly

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Higher real-time framerates and smoother performance.

Quickly and safely reduce draw calls in-engine.


Tested, re-tested, then tested again and again.
Tiling without the “plaid effect”.

What's in a _FILENAME_?

We’ve developed a simple file naming convention over the years:
_SQ(Square) V(Vertical) H(Horizontal) T(Fully Tileable)

D(Decal) tags those that don’t tile seamlessly.
_SQ can also mean “Power of Two”

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“Each image is a little masterpiece of its own, ready to be loaded straight into your 3D package.”

Jean-Eric Henault
Founder, CG Channel Product Review

“These textures have stunning and vibrant impact even without the use of bump maps.”

Shamms Mortier
Charles River Media monthly newsletter product review

“Our 3D artists rate your products to be the best there is.”

Linda Wallin
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“Your textures are extremely well captured and ‘remastered’ to make them tile. I am very impressed…”

Lars Fabiunke
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“They tile perfectly!”

Steve H.

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Eric Boosman
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Texturama is just getting started!

Texturama’s critically-acclaimed legacy collection of professional texture maps has been completely remastered. With a fine balance of noise reduction, sharpening, touch-ups, improved masking, and an additional pass for tileability, the entire collection is now available online, with over 1000 new products.

We offer convenient packages, affordable subscriptions, and back it up with informative tutorials. In the near future we will start to roll in PBR maps and shaders into existing products, and will be available as a free “power-up” for clients. Please let us know your thoughts!

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VR, AR, XR, Mobile, Game-Optimized

High Performance, Resource-efficient

Look great as-is, or look great with shaders

Tileability with minimal “plaid effect”

Professional Quality

Product updates and powerups free to new and future customers

*All purchases include access to future revisions and power-ups

Supported software

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