FAQ Texturama 2022_05.08

Licensing questions, terms and conditions of use, other questions of interest.


Can the free samples be used commercially?

The samples in the “free downloads” section are free to download and test for quality and potential fit. They may be used in personal, non-commercial artwork, as long as all terms and conditions are respected within our Licensing Agreement.

How can I upgrade the free samples to use commercially?

Textures downloaded in the “Free” section include the tag “_LE_ “at the prefix of the filename “LE” is an abbreviation for “Limited Edition” and cannot be used commercially. If you ever wish to upgrade to commercial use, you must purchase a license through one of our paid Bundles, Subscription, or Credit Packs. Just search for the filename on our website, and purchase the version that does not contain “_LE” in the filename.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Commercial License?

First step is to buy a version from our website channels through the proper Bundle, Subscription plan, or through Credit Packs. Here is a direct link to the commercial clause of our Licensing Agreement. Typical examples of commercial use include: product and architectural visualizations, animated videos for entertainment or marketing collateral, or commercial video games (as long as asset extraction is made limited through archiving practices in your game engine). When packaged within an interactive experience or video game, you must include the words “Contains assets from Texturama.com" (with link).

What is an Editorial License?

Texturama images, Products, or Product Library may contain third-party logo copyrights, signage, and branding. Customer shall use such Texturama images, Products, and Product Library at your own risk. These images and signs are for art and visualization purposes only. They may not be printed on products that would be value-based on texture. It is Customer’s responsibility to obtain usage rights directly from third-party entity or entities of which the logos and signage belong. Licensing Agreement.

Can I use Texturama assets in work licensed through Creative Commons / Open Source software?

No, this use is prohibited within our Licensing Agreement.

Can I use Texturama assets in Second Life, IMVU, or any other social virtual community?

Use or display in virtual communities and marketplaces is considered redistribution, and is prohibited in our Licensing Agreement.

Can I include or embed Texturama assets within models that I sell or redistribute?

No, this is considered redistribution or competitive use and is prohibited in our Licensing Agreement.

My subscription plan has ended. Can I still use Texturama assets that I purchased and downloaded during my membership?

Yes you can totally keep on using them, as long as you continue to use in the manner in which you purchased them and use as defined within our Licensing Agreement.

I would like to use in a commercial video game or interactive 3D experience and I am unsure of whether the use would fall within the Licensing Agreement.

Please let us know your special use case and would be happy to discuss the possibilities!

Are there any pricing plans for Educational or Institutional use?

Please contact us and let us know your use case, we are happy to work with you to get you up and running with Texturama!

Our video game dev studio has several locations. Are there multi-site or floating license options?

Yes we have developed working strategies for large Architecture firms, Animation Schools, and Blockbuster video game studios. Happy to discuss reasonable options!

Any options for distribution within our 3D software?

Please contact us for any special use cases. We have made fair and reasonable arrangements with major 3D design software products!

These textures tile so much better than other options. Do you have plans on including support maps such as normal, specular, and displacement maps?

YES! If you need these for your project, please contact us and we will make our best effort to prioritize production of these maps for your project.

What are "free powerups"?

From time to time, we may discover that subtle changes in a texture may make it even more tileable, or we may increase resolution.  Eventually we will add support maps such as normal maps, bump maps, specular maps, etc.  Some images, such as lamps, may include OBJ models in the future.  Some images may be augmented with additional vector path art within the files.  We will add these to existing product, and offer them as free updates.  These are "power-ups".

May 9, 2022
Eric Smith